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Advertising on TV

Advertising on television is the most popular way for businesses to reach an extremely high number of potential customers. We can offer you the opportunity to promote your products and services on the fastest-growing channel in Lithuania – Lietuvos Rytas TV. We will help you to create a video clip of 7 seconds duration, in which you can present your company and the products/services you offer. You will be able to broadcast the video clip at your selected time and adjust it to the desired programme etc.

National television channel

Lietuvos Rytas TV is a national channel watched by 100 percent audience in Lithuania. This channel has the largest part of good audience – high-income and upper-middle-income residents of big cities. The most important part of the television programme is considered to be objective news from Lithuania and around the world. Lietuvos Rytas TV provides up-to-the-minute information about the most important events in the world, as well as presenting special live broadcasts, showing the most popular foreign series and movies, broadcasting live major world-class music awards, sports competitions, highest-level basketball games, and so on.

For advertising on TV service, please contact:

Evaldas Karčiauskas | Sales Manager

Phone 8 (670) 48883 | Fax (5) 236 1001 |